What we ate on Guam

If what you are looking for is a list of the top restaurants according to tourists on Guam then this is not the list to be reading. We ate mostly at the fast food places that are known to locals on Guam. I pretty much just ate, went to the gym and went to the beach during this whole trip. Some of these restaurants are not accessible by walking along the tourist areas.

You will need a car to go to these places or a cab I guess if you could find one. But I do believe that these places are worth the try. I chose these places mostly because of the big amount of servings for a good price. A lot of restaurants along tourists areas were too expensive! These are more budget friendly great places I would recommend for you. (Mostly for sharing so if you don’t eat so much you could just share a meal)

1. Godiva Chcolatier


Here’s the soft served ice cream, Picture by Kaye Lavin of the ChunkyMunchies

Great place to come to I was overjoyed to find out that they had soft served Godiva Ice cream. It gets pretty crowded here as it is along the tourist areas so come off ours I guess during weekdays. We met a lot of unfriendly Koreans here but ignoring all of that the ice cream was great.

2. Ruby Tuesday’sDSCF4766

Giant slabs of ribs with mashed potatoes were amazing!

I loved Ruby Tuesday! Good experience here as the staff were very friendly and perky. ( I really mean it when I say perky) Servings were also very big and the food here was really good! It gets really crowded every Tuesday so you’ll have to wait a while before you can get a seat, but it is very much worth the wait.

 3. Haagen Daz’s Cafe

Photo taken by: Kaye Lavin (Chocolate Fondue and Haagen Dazs Ice cream and Fruits)
Photo taken by: Kaye Lavin (Chocolate Fondue and Haagen Dazs Ice cream and Fruits)

I was over the moon ecstatic to find out that there was a Haagen Dazs cafe here since the scarcity of Haagen Dazs around Manila. It will always be my favorite ice cream. Try their chocolate fondue dip set and come here during off hours because we came here once at night and it was just really crowded.

4. Port of Mocha

DSCF4746Can you believe that there is NO Starbucks on Guam?! Well this is the closest they have to a Starbucks. Their coffee was good and the place was really homey with nice chairs and a good ambiance. They also served cinammon rolls and other pastries on the side.

5. Caliente

10921739_10205752484562267_629967001_n 10921876_10205752484482265_1160112208_nCaliente was a great place! I loved their big servings and everything was below $20. We tried their Giant Taco Salad and their Shrimp burrito and they were really good. Everything was for sharing so we were just picking from each others food. Great Mexican Food! and you could have as much salsa as you want.

6. Pochon

Pochon double deep fried wings! Photo taken by: Kaye Lavin

Famous on Guam for their double deep fried Chicken was our last meal on Guam. If you are familiar with Bon Chon then this is what it would taste like except the servings would be bigger here. I did enjoy the wings except for I think that the oil had a bad effect on my tummy and I didn’t feel so well after.

7. Horse and Cow

DSCF4886 DSCF4881This is a place (sorry if this will sound racist) where many white people come to and also the navy. On Guam there are designated bars for certain kinds of people. Locals don’t really come here because they don’t feel so welcome here. The wings here are a MUST TRY. This is a great place to come and drink at and eat wings or hangout with friends to ride the mechanical bull.

8. Yoko Zuna

I loved their ramen and gyoza for only $10. Their set meals here are really cheap.

DSCF4904 Of all the Japanese restaurants we tried eating at this will be my favorite.  It is right across the JP store near Eggs and Things. It was very homey here and the food was great for its value! For 10$ They had a Ramen Gyoza set which tasted like my moms home cooking.

9. South Seas Coffee

DSCF4970 DSCF4971The Coffee place that we just passed by on the way to another restaurant. For coffee lovers this is another place you could come to besides Port of Mocha. Their coffee ranged from $3-5 not bad and their wi-fi is also pretty quick. The restaurants next to it sounded pretty good too .


10904279_10205752484442264_1805458012_n10913158_10205752484522266_592165798_nI absolutely loved Panda express! In fact i think 60% of the time we were just eating Panda express. My friend was overjoyed that they did not use peanut oil and she had a taste of Chinese food for the first time in almost 23 years. I love that they serve a lot of food here for just 8-10$ and their food comes with Fortune Cookies. NO MSG ADDED ❤ Order their Honey Walnut Shrimp here~ That was my favorite!

We were of course also able to eat at other places such as the Hilton Buffet, Sheraton Buffet, Palm Cafe and other Japanese restaurants and local fast food places. But these were the best picks from our stay there on Guam. You could also give Applebee’s a try for nightlife or probably the place beside Route 66. I gained a total of 6 pounds here even if I was working out 3x a week and sharing most of the food. Give these places a try if you are ever on Guam!

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