Nic’s Bakeshop, UP town center

One of the first few places that opened up in the new wing of UP town center is Nic’s Bakeshop. I never heard about it until today and I did not find the food expensive but I found their pre packed lasagnas and cakes pretty pricey. It doesn’t seem to be a restaurant, I think it’s just more of a place you’d pass by to buy pre packed meals for parties and cakes. They have lasagna for about Php 1000 something and a whole bunch of cakes for about 800php. I just wanted to give the food a try today and look around for what else they were selling in their shop.


Here’s the menu and some of their cakes. I heard that the mango cake? It looked really good was one of their bestsellers.


Here are some of their cakes I saw being displayed in the shop

I asked the lady at the counter about their best dishes and the first of what she recommended to me was this Chicken Parmigiana and the next was the Sirloin Tapa meal. So that is what we decided to go with. Unfortunately we were not able to try any cakes after that since we were so full, so we’ll save the cakes for another day.


Chicken Parmigiana, Php 295 was recommended to me by the lady at the counter.


Sirloin Tapa, Php 195. The beef was the sweet kind. Typical kind of tapa meal. Not the best tapa that I’ve tasted but still good.

The Chicken Parmigiana was okay, I was expecting it to be softer and not so dry? I think its easy to overcook chicken and it becomes kind of dry. The meal as a whole however tasted good. Their meals have this homey feel just like how the restaurants vibes are. The Sirloin Tapa was good but it wasn’t really all that special, just the typical kind of tapa that you could make at home. I’m still biased when it comes to Tapa meals and the such I would say Rodic’s will still be my favorite place to be eating Pinoy breakfast food.


They also had an array of displays and samples of some of their sweets and dips. I was able to try this and their lemon square bar. I enjoyed the lemon square bars.


Here’s their menu. Click to enlarge.

I did enjoy eating here though as the staff were very friendly and when asked about the food I explained to them about the chicken and the pasta and they did take my suggestions in. I really like places that give good ambiance and service. I might get some of their ready made party food from here next time and some of their cakes of course.

Nic’s Bakeshop

UP Town center, First floor across cotton on
Facebook them at: Nic’s Bakeshop

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