Chemistea café, Project 8

This new Chemistry themed cafe is located at Short horn Street in Quezon City. I looked it up online to see what the rave was all about and I was expecting a lot based on the Instagram posts and some blog entries about the place.


Here’s where they make their teas

As part of their Chemistry themed concept, “Chemistea” cafe uses Erlenmeyer flasks as drinking glasses. I found nothing special about the place except for this concept of using the flasks and of course the “Chemistry Theme” of everything in the place. They offer EspreSso Con Coctions, Fruitea Formulas, CoCoa Emulsionsm, MilK Teas, Asian SigNature TeaAs, PartiCles like Pearl, Nata, Egg Pudding, Cheese Froth and Yogurt Popping Boba. (Some letters are in Bold because of their Chemistry themed menu)  Nothing new, they serve the usual Nai Cha’s, Wintermelon, Cheesecake, Salted Caramel Milk teas and other commonly served teas at milk tea places.


Cheesecake Milk Tea Php 100 for 600ml, It tasted just like a regular milk tea? I was expecting it to taste kind of different like a cheesecake prehaps? I couldn’t see how this was a cheesecake.


I got the Milo Dinosaur, Php 125 for 600ml. I ordered something simple because I was expecting to be wowed or something. Nope it tasted just like regular milo and milk.

They offer board games and books here to play and read with your friends and I guess its a cool concept except that they also lack board games. They only have about 20 games to chose from. The whole idea of a chemistry themed cafe is really cool and I expected to be wowed by the place, but overall I guess it is a friendly place to hangout in for a while, but they’re going to have to think of something unique to get customers coming back for more.

Chemistea Cafe

(2nd floor) Legacy Bldg, Short horn St. Project 8, 1106 Q.C.
Operating hours from:  10am-10pm on Sundays to Thursdays and 10am-11pm on Fridays and Saturdays
Facebook them: CHEMISTEA

7 thoughts on “Chemistea café, Project 8

    • lenathebackpackingballerina says:

      Yes. It seems like a place just for people to take selfies with milk teas in flasks.

  1. erumaxe says:

    I believe this place has a good amount of following for a young business of almost three months and is not yet perfect. My suggestion however to food bloggers is to try the universal selling proposition of a place. Standard drinks are standard drinks, they will taste the same anywhere most of the time, I think you should have tried to make your own concoction and have experimented – it is, after all, Chemistea.

    • lenathebackpackingballerina says:

      Although with the standard drinks comment.

      Like lets say you drink hot chocolate, yes basically you can say that they all taste like chocolate but I know that one will taste a little better than the other.

      My mom would always say like in making tea its not really the tea you are using but how you prepare the tea. There are a lot of different things they could research on about how to prepare tea.In Japan there is a way to make cheap tea to taste expensive. Even without changing the ingredients

      Also in terms of the number of board games because there are numerous board game cafes around the city already and with that comes competition. What will be their edge besides the make your own concoction?

      However I will come back as you suggested to try it out. I just didn’t find the options as good as those tea’s that they had on their menu. The options are still very limited. I guess its a work in progress.

  2. erumaxe says:

    Wonderful 🙂 I hope you like your future concoction. I do love your honesty, it is well appreciated in every and any blogger.

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