Molcajete Mexican Cantina + Cerveceria, Antipolo

Just as you enter Antipolo from the Ortigas extension way right before Beverly hills village is this really great and chill restaurant. You wont spot it right away but as soon as you see the sign of Beverly hills village be on the lookout on the right side for this place. The location is a bit far from the city so coming here you might want to plan something else to do in Antipolo. I think that coming here for dinner is more advisable as according to the owners it gets cold at night and it is nice to sit outside and have a beer or two and some Mexican food.


Here’s the front of the restaurant.

The vibe here is definitely chill, as the owner described it to me. He wanted something easy and fresh. Everything here is made from fresh ingredients. So the owner/chef makes everything from scratch.


Nachos, Php 170. Pretty good for the price. Just your usual simple Nachos. It’s really nice that he just kept the usual kind of flavors you find in Nachos.


Pollo Pesto + Cheese, Quesadillas, Php 160. This comes with garlic sauce and chili sauce. I really loved this, it was delicious. The pesto and the cheese really tasted good together.


Chiptole wings with Bleu Cheese, Php 195. SPICY. I was expecting spicy but not this spicy, however the flavor is good.


Fish Baja- soft taco, Php 95


Sisig Burrito, Php 175. (Pequeno/small size) This was really good and the sisig is the pork shoulder sisig.


Rocky Road Fudge Cake, Php 135. Hot and cold concept, hot chocolate lava kind of cake with nuts under a scoop of ice cream with some marshmallows.

I loved that the owners didn’t want anything fancy but just wanted to keep everything on the menu easy like comfort food. When you think of Mexican you would usually get something kind of oily right? but not here. I did not get any oil drippings on me from some cheese that I normally get from Mexican restaurants. Nothing super heavy but not light either. Maybe if you have plans on going up Antipolo or visiting places like the Pinto Museum you could pass by here on the way up to get some take out or to hang out with your friends after biking up Antipolo.


Price ranges from Php 95-195, Here’s the basic menu.

Molcajete Mexican Cantina + Cerveceria, Antipolo

Located at Village Corner, Beverly Hills Antipolo City
Monday Closed
Tuesday to Sunday 12NN – 10PM
Friday & Saturday 12NN – 12MN
Facebook: Molcajete Mexican Cantina + Cervercia

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