Sagada Lemon Pie House, Sagada


Inside lemon pie house, it was really cute since the seats were on the floor and you could remove your shoes.

I was kind of expecting a lot more from Sagada Lemon pie house, because a lot of the bloggers or advices on trip advisor would say that they have really good Lemon Pie here. I was not so impressed with their lemon pie and I found the crust hard to bite. Our lemon pie was also cold, maybe if it was fresh we would have appreciated it more.


Sagada Lemon pie Php 30 per slice. Lemon tea was Php 15 per cup and the Mountain tea was Php 15 per cup as well. I really liked the mountain tea, it was lemon grass. Then the lemon tea was just lemon tea with honey.


Breakfast meal, Fried eggs, Garlic rice with Longanisa Php 100. This was really cheap for a good price too.

They also serve Pinikpikan here in the Sagada lemon pie house which I would have wanted to try given enough time. Pinikpikan is this chicken that is battered first before served to you. Good for 4 persons and only available by reservation it costs Php 600. I would not come back for their lemon pie, but I would like to try their pinikpikan, A specialty in Sagada.

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