Sagada Brew, Sagada

Mang Delio the one managing the restaurant is the friendliest person I met in this town. He entertained us a lot and talked a lot about himself to us too. This restaurant was the newest but probably the best and most established one here. I loved the place more in the morning because at night there are a lot of mosquitoes flying around.


Sagada Hot Chcolate, Php 100. It was expensive but I will say that this was the BEST hot chocolate that I had ever tasted. You can buy the cocoa and coffee here too.


Chicken Pesto Sandwich served with salad, Php 150. For the serving size food here is relatively cheap. I really enjoyed the salad here. They serve really good and crunchy salad with a really good dressing.


Sagada Brew Pasta, Php 150 Tomato sauce with anchovies, Etag (Sagadan smoked ham), Garlic, olives and basil served with toast. This was really good too. I would put this up for recommendation.

You should not miss the salad and the hot chocolate, If you do come to Sagada this should be the first and the last place that you eat in. They even gave us complimentary cookies and brownies. I was impressed with the food. Plus considering the prices, it was relatively cheap. The serving size was also big compared to other restaurants here. There is apparently a branch here in Metro Manila which I will blog about soon when I find it.

12 thoughts on “Sagada Brew, Sagada

      • wattwurmnashi says:

        Lena have you been to Mondo in Makati? I don’t know if they serve hot chocolate, but their pastry chef trained at a famous institution in Paris & apparently he has a hard time convincing Filipinos to try his “eccentric” creations so you should give it a try [say hi from me if you do]

      • lenathebackpackingballerina says:

        Oh I will put that on my list to try this week! and I will inform you when I do.

      • wattwurmnashi says:

        I think they offer some savory options as well. & I don’t know what sort of pastries you like [MAKE HIM HAPPY & BE ADVENTUROUS], but he says 3 pm would be the best time because the croissants will be just out of the oven, if you like puff pastry

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