Exploring the food in Sagada, Cordillera region

I wish that I had more time to go around Sagada. I would have loved to try their Pinikpikan and other interesting food that were posted online and on trip advisor. I guess that I would just have to come back here to try more of their food. There are too many places that you could choose from to eat here. I will probably need another half week to stay here just so that I would not get as tired and I could go around the other towns and provinces near the area as well.

1. Sagada Brew, Sagada

This place is one that you must not miss when you come to Sagada. It just recently opened last October. They have a good menu for a relatively cheap price and for really big servings. Try their Hot Chocolate Php 100 and their Sagada Brew Pesto Php 150. They also have really good red rice. There are a lot of mosquitoes here at night so as much as possible come here during the daytime.

They also sell coffee beans here and honey to take home.

2. Sagada Lemon Pie house, Sagada

I wasn’t actually impressed with their famous Sagada Lemon Pie Php 30 per slice.  I was expecting a lot more because of its reviews on trip advisor. Although the prices here were also cheap, in fact cheaper than Sagada Brew. I would come here for the ambiance. The teas here were also good. Php 15 for the Mountain tea and the Lemon tea.

Lemon Pie with some Lemon tea and mountain tea.

3. Yoghurt house, Sagada

I was not able to try any of their dishes here. Although looking at the menu, the apple sandwich really sounded good. They serve a lot of healthy meals here. Actually most restaurants in Sagada have very earthy sounding meals. I just decided to try their yoghurt which was Php 85 for the Yoghurt with honey. I was expecting a lot more and I preferred the one from the Strawberry cafe.

Yoghurt with Honey

4. Strawberry Cafe, Sagada

The best yoghurt in this town. I could not stop eating their yoghurt here, I finished it in a matter of seconds with the strawberries. Although the place had really bad service the yoghurt was worth the come to try here. Php 70 for the strawberry yoghurt, plus its cheaper than yoghurt house.

Strawberry yoghurt

I definitely need another half  week or so in Sagada just to get around some more and eat a lot more. I really enjoyed my stay here and everything was so overwhelming. I enjoyed learning more about the Filipino culture and I cannot wait to write more about them in my next post about our adventures, spelunking, sunrise watching and so much of the things that we were able to do. Really an amazing place to visit and so much better than Baguio. Probably one of the best trips I’ve had this year.

Click on each link for each restaurant that we ate in. VISIT SAGADA! It’s really worth the long travel time.

6 responses to “Exploring the food in Sagada, Cordillera region”

  1. Wow! Never thought of finding those in Sagada. Now I have my drive to go there! 🙂

    1. lenathebackpackingballerina Avatar

      Yes it is very much worth it! I never expected to food trip in Sagada but now I also have a reason to come back here. 🙂 Enjoy! I will also be posting my other experiences there. Thanks for the follow.

  2. […] the places that I ate in Sagada check out my post on Exploring the food in Sagada, Cordillera Region. Pagyaman! Fedelisan […]

  3. Oh… I thought the order would be 1-4-3-2. But I guess you’re considering factors such as ambiance & menu composition

    1. lenathebackpackingballerina Avatar

      No particular order actually. :))

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