Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken, Fairview branch

Another one of my friends restaurants, who is one of the “Homies” of Homies Pinoy Fried chicken. I ended up in Fairview today to visit my friend and since we were already there I wanted to take a look at their second branch. This new branch is difficult to find maybe if you’re not familiar with Fairview. Compared to their first branch in UP Village, this branch is a lot bigger and I really loved the concept of the chalkboard design on the wall where people could write. My friend and I walked here from her dorm in FEU. From Regalado you just need to turn left to Buick st. which is right across FEU and Starbucks. Then you just go straight ahead and you’ll see it just at the corner of Chevelle   St.  Parking here is not a problem.


Check out their menu. I love that it has a little bit of every kind of pinoy foods that we love.

#thebestchickenintown ? Chicken wow! I loved the Homies fried chicken, their specialty which is served with unlimited Rice and drinks. Fairly good prices and very student friendly. When I tried their branch in Magiting st. I was  also able to try their Lumpia which I am hooked on. I love their Lumpia.


Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken Meal, Php 130 with a side dish and the pinoys favorite UNLI RICE! haha. This chicken was really good.


Cheeseburger Php 200, is Hagens classic recipe. Really good! I loved the buns of the burger because they were kinda crunchy. Not burned, but crunchy.


Longganisa burger Php 170. There is also a Tocino burger that I would love to try.

The cheeseburger was really good. I was not expecting that from just a cheeseburger. Like I’ve said in the past I really am not much of a fan of burgers but their burgers aren’t oily but it wasn’t dry. It was really juicy without any oil traces going down the sides of your mouth. Which is what I hate about burgers. What I also loved about it was that the bun of the cheeseburger was crunchy. The Longganissa burger is what I was interested to try because the last time this wasn’t on their menu yet. I probably would have tried eating it with vinegar maybe?

No questions asked, I would definitely come back here. Probably another biased comment maybe because of my friend? (HAHA) Both branches get crowded during schooldays so come here during off hours or like a bit late. Good vibes, good food and another small discovery. Thanks Hagen!

Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken

51 – C Magiting St., U.P. Village, Quezon City ( First Branch )
Buick St., cor. Chevelle St., West Fairview ( Second Branch )
Store hours: 11:30 am to 10:00 pm
Visti their Facebook Page: Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken

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