Wing Stop, Katipunan Regis Center

I expected too much from Wing Stop, based on its reviews. 3.5-5? Really? I could rate this place a 2 if not for the good ambiance maybe a 2.5. I could get a lot of better wings at a better price from my friends restaurant Burger Company Ph or at my favorite Sunrise buckets. You’d think that a place that only specializes in wings would have great wings right? I mean thats the only thing they serve plus some sides. So its the thing that they are expected to perfect, not to mess up.
When we went here they had 8 people in the kitchen area and 4 people at the counter.  So I was expecting really quick service, but it still took them 20 mins to cook our food and there were only 3 tables filled. The staff though were friendly so thats a plus and another plus for the nice use of space. Since they could accommodate a lot of people.


Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings


Lemon Pepper and Louisiana Rub, Chicken Wings


Texas style fries, Side

So back to the food. Of course I was expecting beautiful and delicious wings. They did look good, but the flavors were just too salty for me. We got the Louisiana Rub, Garlic Parmesan and the Lemon Pepper. Chicken wings are priced at 5pcs 235php, 7pcs 325php for 2 flavors, 11pcs at 495 for 2 flavors as well and 20pcs at 875 for 2 flavors. I’m sorry but after eating at sunrise buckets where it is a lot cheaper to eat. I just have to compare the size of their wings and the flavoring. The flavor here was too salty, the lemon pepper was so oily. I got the flavor on top of the chicken cooked beautifully but very bland inside.

We also got the fries for the side the Texas style flavor. I was also expecting good fries, instead I needed more flavor and just opted to use ketchup. I also found it funny that they have ice by the counter but they don’t have water by the counter? So If you get Ice you’d give a confused look like… “Where’s the water?” This place still has a lot of room to improve. It already does have good ratings, so I guess people seem to like it. There’s no competition for good wings around   Katipunan so all they have to do now is improve their wings and service.


2/F Regis Center, Katipunan,
Open Daily 10am-10pm10743796_10205059243111664_229369025_n

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