Endless Summer cafe, Area 2 UP Diliman

Everything under the criminal heat still drips of the afternoon shower. I wipe the beads of sweat on my forehead –this is one of the last restaurants (house?) in the Area 2 strip.


Endless Summer menu

A Jack Johnson song is on; instant good vibes. The place almost seems to have its own atmosphere. Lunch break college conversations — but this place feels like a vacation. Menu’s on chalkboards and customers’ shake concoctions decorate the walls. Everything else is filled with cutouts from surf magazines –appropriate that this is called Endless Summer.

We order my favorites: Sizzling Chicken Sisig and a Choco Banana Oatmeal smoothie. Perfect hot and cold combo, much more pleasing than the weather. The sisig comes first, you cook it with the egg and calamansi. Drown it in hot sauce and drizzle over a bit of knorr, and you got it good. The smoothie comes in perfect timing, right about the last spoonful of sisig. It’s so good that I’ve painstakingly tried to imitate it at home.


Chicken Sisig with Egg, Php 69


Choco Banana Oatmeal Shake, Php 69

By the end of the meal you can almost feel sand in your feet. As if it were the weekend and you were in a beach. You think you’d come out to the sight of boys and girls making every second of the waves count before they crash. Only then that you remember you still have your next class and it’s just a Monday. But you don’t mind the heat as much now.

Iggy Gonzales


109 J.P. Laurel Street Area 2 U.P. Diliman
Quezon City, Philippines

Open from : 11am-8pm

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