Ally’s All-day breakfast place, Malingap st.

Breakfast somehow tastes best around noontime. I made sure to have only a glass of Milo in the morning just to eat here with my friends. I was getting ready for the “WHAT DIET” (Php 450) Big Breakfast Attack meal on their menu. Which is basically comprised of 2 Hungarian sausages, bacon strips, rice, fries and scrambled eggs a Chocolate waffle on the side and bottomless iced tea. So if in case still have a big tummy this Sunday for our show at CCP then you’ll know why. Forgive me Teacher Perry.


WHAT DIET? Php 450 comes with the Triple Chocolate waffles. Hungarian Sausage with scrambled eggs. This is easily good for sharing.


The triple chocolate waffle that comes with the What diet breakfast attack meal


Satisfying Steph, Php 300. Supposedly 2 breakfast sausages but they ran out of sausages so that is Ham, Bacon, Fried rice, egg and it also comes with a classic waffle.


Classic Waffle that comes with the Satisfying steph breakfast attack meal and bottomless iced tea


Batangas Beef Tapa, Php 150. Was a bit dry but flavor was good.


Bangus Native Longanissa, Php 180 Longanissa was also a bit dry like the tapa, but flavor was also good.


Bangus spring rolls, Php 150. I loved these.

Breakfast Food! Filipino Breakfast, and all kinds of breakfast foods. From all kinds of Longganisa, Tapa, Daing, Garlic Rice, Crepes, Pancakes, Waffles and DIY Pancakes and Waffles. You can have anything you want from 730am-10pm at their branch here in Sikatuna Village.

Service was a bit slow, as we had to call the attention of our waiter numerous times. The place was also really small, but surprisingly I counted all the chairs and tables and it could easily fit around at least 30 people. Last time we came here we tried their Lala Longanissa, (php 300) and their Bangus Sisig (Php 195). That is the one side dish that I would recommend along with their Bangus Spring Rolls (Php 150). Come here early as it gets crowded around 1230pm till after lunch.


Ally’s all-day breakfast. Where the sun always shines.

I had breakfast today with The Chunky Munchies! Check out their blog for what they thought about Ally’s all day breakfast place.

Ally’s All-Day Breakfast Place 50 Malingap Street, Sikatuna Village
Contact No.: +63 906 444 3878
Operating Hours: 7:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Ally’s all day breakfast place, Facebook page

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