Burger Company PH, Scout Reyes

1940322_786747491377124_986618673_nI spent a total of only 600 pesos for a Gorgonzola Mushroom burger, 6 pcs New York Original Buffalo Wings, ANOTHER 6 pcs Firefighters Pride Buffalo Wings and lastly their 6 pcs of Bacon strips.

To be honest I am not much of a burger fan, because I find burgers really greasy, really messy to eat and well… Disgusting. As for my next statement, you might say that I’m biased because my friend Francis Fabie is the part owner of this restaurant. (HAHA) But I am honest when I say that they really do serve good burgers. Another thing I really loved here were their Buffalo Wings. He ordered for us the New York Original Flavored Buffalo wings and the Firefighters Pride.  I loved the New York Original Flavored wings more, but they do compliment each other. As one is cheesy and the other is a bit more spicy. So you could also order both such as I did.

I recently visited them and they let me try their spiciest wings. You cannot leave this place without trying these wings and order a Chocnut milkshake or any milkshake while you’re at it. ( Because you’ll definitely need that milkshake )


Bacon Dippers and Cheese Sauce


Gorgonzola and Mushroom Burger Single Php 199


New York Classic Buffalo Wings


Firefighters Pride

Two words. BACON DIPPERS.  I absolutely love bacon, and this one was the most sinful order. You had to dip the already fried bacon into thick cheese sauce. Talk about all the carbs on carbs on carbs that I consumed in that one hour.

I love that this place offers something different. If you love board games they have over 70 board games here that you could play with. Every time I come to visit, there is always someone playing boardgames. There is also free WiFi here and enough to seat at least maybe 20-25 people. Make sure to Instagram what you just had and tag them to get a 10% discount. I would definitely recommend coming here. Keep in mind that Burger “COMPANY” is not the same as Burger “PROJECT”.

Burger Company PH
72B Scout Reyes corner Mother Ignacia Avenue: (02) 949 2269
Visit their Facebook page: Burger Company PH

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