Barkin’ Blends Dog Cafe, Katipunan

My understanding of a dog cafe, such as like the ones in Japan. Is a place where you could bring your own dog and exercise with them, bring them to the dog spa and or feed them. Unfortunately in this case, it was different. You are not allowed to bring your own dog to this dog cafe. More humans than dogs, unfortunately there were too many people here. For a price of Php 180, Single entry. You get to enter the “Dog Zone” with your choice of the following drinks.


Drinks allowed in the “DOG ZONE” Php 180 with additional depending on your drink.

Food is also served here which you could eat at the human zone. There are Spaghetti and Meatballs, Chicken Teriyaki and Some sandwiches, which I would try the next time I visit this place. You get to stay in the dog zone for 2 hours, which is really cheap for only Php 180, if you do not plan eat here.


Dog Residents

Not all the dogs were present in the dog zone. There were only 8 dogs being passed around by the 30 or so humans in the dog zone. They really should rethink the system in this place. There were too many humans to the number of dogs, and by the time we  entered the dog zone the dogs were already so tired from all the playing earlier that day. You could tell that they looked very sleepy and stressed from being passed on from human to human. In short, they were all just sleeping.


Smile, the pug


Playing with some dogs


Sleepy and tired dogs

If you are a dog owner you would understand what I felt about this place. I think that they should just allow the dogs to roam free as the people sit and drink their drinks. The humans were too excited to take their selfies and pictures with the dogs, and I understand that too. It is exciting to meet dogs. However towards the latter part of my 2 hour stay I felt really bad for the dogs that have been there since 12pm. They should also consider a rotation/ shifts for the dogs so that they could rest well. A lot of people were not able to touch the dogs as most of them were sleeping, and according to the rules you are not allowed to wake a sleeping dog.


The place when it was “less crowded”

Otherwise I think that the whole concept of the place is okay and they do bring a lot of customers. I would love to come back here when the rave is over. It would be great if you could come here to sit and write while the dogs roam around free. There is much room for improvement, and their staff also should be trained in handling the dogs. A lot of their customers are not even aware of how to handle a dog. I asked one of their staff if he is a dog trainer or if he knows anything about dogs and he told me that “tagabantay lang siya ng aso”. It’s a bit sad that a dog owner would bring their dogs into this kind of environment. I sure hope that their system improves here.

Barkin’ Blends dog cafe

Located: right beside Shakeys Katipunan, on the street with Mcdo
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday, 12:00 nn – 9:00 pm
Facebook Page:

6 thoughts on “Barkin’ Blends Dog Cafe, Katipunan

  1. sabpalmares says:

    from the facade i thought it really was a “bring your own dog” zone for everyone (w/o fee). I kind of felt bad for the furry creatures, i can imagine them being passed around all day. Maybe they can set a doggie hour, when they can have their in-house dogs roam and be pet around. The concept though is good and you’re right there is a lot of things that needs to be improved. Hopefully the food is great.

    • lenathebackpackingballerina says:

      I also hope that that they also add more to the menu since it felt more like a milk tea place than a place where people would eat and drink coffee. Their drinks were served in those milk tea plastic covered cups, and i found it strange but I guess its easier than cleaning up cups? I actually overheard someone saying that their meatballs were salty and I saw that he ended up leaving them on his plate.

  2. anna says:

    i posted on peta asia pacific and hopefully they respond to my request for a ‘visit’ to that cafe. poor dogs. =( breaks my heart to see people making them baits to get their business booming. i agree a dog trainer should be there to remind the customers on proper dog handling. the pug there seemed to have an eye problem, like the other eyes more bulging. argh irresponsible owners….

    • lenathebackpackingballerina says:

      So happy that there are people like you. I wish that I had done the same. I really do hope that peta responds to your request. Its really a shame.

      I passed by a few days ago just to look through the windows to see if anything had changed but It really hasn’t. I cannot understand how the owners could leave their dogs into the hands of just their staff.

  3. Roy Daguio, Jr. says:

    I certainly share the same sentiment towards this establishment. Is there any way that we can contact local PETA or PAWS and have them pay this place a visit as well? Anyone?

    • lenathebackpackingballerina says:

      I have heard of a lot of people complaining to PETA about them but so far I have heard no response or action to the problem with this new establishment.

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