The Backyard Reservoir, Malingap

Carbs on Carbs on MORE carbs is what I consumed today in my first ever bloggers event, from their starters to their main dishes. I found myself so full that I could not process anything after consuming so much food.


Located in 33A Malingap st. The Zone compound? or whatever they really call this place. Is this restaurant named The Backyard Reservoir. According to its owners Tertius and Mic, they called their restaurant The Backyard reservoir because they used to be on the reserved side of the garden before the place was fully developed into the place it is now. Being friends for more than 10 years, it impressed me that they were both very hands on with the place and that they entertained us well. The mustache on their logo is their trademark, because as friends they used to draw mustaches on their faces and laugh together. Their original plan was to make a steakhouse however they were not permitted to do so and so they came up with this menu, more American inspired I believe.

Bacon Lettuce and Tomato,  Php 145

Bacon Lettuce and Tomato, Php 145

Tuna Melt, Php 135

Tuna Melt, Php 135

El Pago, Php 230

El Pago, Php 230

Pesto- Tuyo, Php 135

Pesto- Tuyo, Php 135

For such a small place, they really do know how to pack a crowd. Their place was the most filled among all the other 15 or so restaurants in the area. And no wonder, because they do serve good quality food for very reasonable prices. If I were to recommend something from their menu it would be first their El Pago pizza. This was my favorite on their menu, I have never tasted anything like it. And it was named after the chef who created it. The next would be their Pastrami sandwich, I loved that this dish was really packed with flavor. Also their Bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich.

The ambiance of the place reminds me of a beach feel where you could just talk, chill, eat and drink. They made it feel homey in a not so homey looking location. I also think that they were smart when it comes to setting the place up, because it could fit about 20-25 people. So the next time you’re at Malingap street and would love to try something. You could check out this place at Z’s.

The Backyard Reservoir
Open from: 3 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Facebook: The Backyard

Budget per person: About Php 200-300 at most.

2 thoughts on “The Backyard Reservoir, Malingap

    • lenathebackpackingballerina says:

      Yes you should definitely give it a try 🙂 they also have a banhmi place here thats good.

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