Typo, Trinoma

I do not usually post about shops, but I would like to share something about this new store that just opened up in Trinoma. TYPO is this store that sells tons of really cool gift ideas and DIY things that you could do to your room. This place reminded me of the shops that I see in Japan. Those cute stores with a lot of different quirky things that you wouldn’t really use but you would just like to buy because it was just so damn cute.

Some cute greeting cards you can give to your friends.
Crafts Projects
I want this! The DIY Lanterns ❤ ❤
More Typo Cards
Some pouches

Here is a place you could come to if you’re in need of a cool gift for your friends, and you are running out of ideas of what to give them. A bit pricey though, but some of the items were sold at reasonable prices. I like the DIY things and the lanterns that they sold here. Definitely a store that I will love to come back to again and again.

LOCATED AT: 1st Floor Trinoma, If I remember correctly it was in front of the MAC makeup stall.

Travel section, this is where I bought my sleeping earphones!

2 responses to “Typo, Trinoma”

  1. Dreams come true store 🙂

    1. lenathebackpackingballerina Avatar

      Haha you’ll love it here. Get your sleeping headphones already!

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