Sip and Gogh, Capitol Hills

My second time here and it never disappoints. If you’re looking for something to do on any day and the common “food trip” outing is getting old for you. Here is something interactive and fun that you could try! Anyone can come here even with or without any experience. Channel your inner artist and book your visit. You could come here either for an open session or a specific session. Just check out their website and bring a friend with you as you guys paint and dine to some cheese and crackers, and your choice of drink such as wine and juices. SONY DSC 10583796_692395414170158_6922561764965293796_nAnyone can come here to paint. The staff will be there to help you and to assist you into painting. I believe that it is very therapeutic to paint, and it is very fun too. The experience is very different from just painting at home our somewhere outside your house. So the next time you have got nothing much to do and you are free, check out their website and give them a call.  You might just create a masterpiece, or maybe this could be something that you could cross out of your bucket-list.

Budget per person: 900-1200 depending on the session you are joining. Please check their  website  for the schedule.

Sip & Gogh – Paint and Sip Studio

1 Capitol Hills Drive, 1119 Quezon City, Philippines

Phone Number:
(+632) 961 – 1248
(+63999) 887 – 6190

Studio Operating Hours:
Tuesday to Friday, 4pm – 11pm
Saturday to Sunday, 10am – 11pm

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