Carmen’s Best Ice Cream, Pure Indulgence

So everyone has been raving about how delicious this Ice cream is so I went out to try it for myself. I found a branch that sells this along Centris Walk in this echo store restaurant. It’s not so hard to spot since there is a sign that says “Carmens Best Ice cream served here” So you have an option of a lot of different kinds of flavors and of course we got one of the store people to explain every interesting sounding flavor to us among the best sellers list. I decided to try the Malted Milk, as soon as I heard the words “MALTESERS” and “MILK” I was sold. I am a big fan of Maltesers.

SONY DSCSONY DSCThe price was not so bad since my friend and I shared it. It cost about 435 php I think. It depends on what flavor you are trying. What I loved about the taste was that it was creamy and you could actually bite into the chunks of Maltesers that were in the Ice cream. That was really awesome. Personally though I would still choose Haagen Dazs over this pint of Ice cream. I would actually prefer Japanese soft cream to this. It was just a little too sweet for my taste, as I think they were trying to adjust it into the Filipino taste.  I would also love to try their other flavors just to see what the other people are raving about. Because as good as it was it didn’t exactly wow me. Worth a try though if you eat a lot of Ice cream such as myself.

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