The Curator coffee and cocktails, Legaspi Village Makati

The Curator, Specialty Coffee and Craft cocktails. Hidden inside this wine bar called Cyrano, corner Don Carlos Palanca street is this amazing well designed small space. I loved how hidden the place was, kind of shady but still had a homey artsy feel to it. The staff here are very accommodating. We came here a little too early since Alcoholic Drinks are only served from 5pm so we had to wait a while. Their Coffee Menu is served from 7am-5pm.

Espresso with Milk ( summer blend ) Php 160
Daquiri Php 300

I tried their Espresso with Milk , and my boyfriend tried their Daquiri. The Espresso with milk was a summer blend according to their staff and I did taste the bit of fruitiness that they mentioned to me towards the end of my drink. I loved the chilled metal straw that came with my drink. I also loved that they make their own ice here and grind their own coffee. I was impressed with the effort they all put into making the drinks beautifully presented and at the same time worth the amount of money you would pay for it. We were surprised at first because of how expensive their cocktails were but my boyfriend mentioned that they really use good ingredients here and they even squeeze their own lime juice. Now where can you find such a place like that here in Manila ?

So if you’re around the area of Greenbelt or Legaspi Village I would recommend dropping by here. There are a lot of small but beautiful places around the area but this is one place that I would definitely recommend for you to come to. I also noticed that are a lot of students who come here to study, so maybe you could come here to try their food while you study and or have some coffee or a chat with a friend on cocktails.


Phone:+63 9163554129
Address: 134 Legaspi Street Corner Don Carlos Palanca Street, Inside Cyrano Wine Bar, Legaspi Village, Makati City

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