Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo

I had been wanting to go here since three months ago but I didn’t have the time until yesterday because It was a holiday. Even if you are not an art enthusiast you would love to visit the place. Unfortunately it was raining hard yesterday so we were not able to see the whole vicinity.
The viewing room
My favorite artwork is that man on the swing! Looks amazing in person

I would love to just give you a preview of the place and its artworks. It is a great place for you to come with your family and or your friends for a very quick trip out of Manila. It is only about 30 mins away from Katipunan and a beautiful place to spend your day in. I love that there are small and different kinds of artworks around each corner of the place. I was expecting the place to be a bit bigger however I was not disappointed with the place.

We got a bit lost coming here because of the rotunda and the lack of signs. Just make sure that you turn right on the next street after Marville park. Entrance fee is Php 150 and for students if you bring your ID it is Php 75. Enjoy your day and get lost in this beautiful museum. I would recommend coming here on a Sunny day.

Pinto Art Museum

1 Sierra Madre Street, Antipolo City

Open every Tuesdays- Sundays and even on Holidays! Since we did go here on a holiday.

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