Woodfire Bistro, Rockwell Makati

I have no bad comments for the place except for the fact that the tables were too close to each other that there was barely enough space to pass between tables. We had to adjust our chairs each time somebody would pass between us. As for the food, It wasn’t anything exceptional however there were some standout dishes that I would love to try again.


Rucola Salad Php 375 *


Reale Salad, Php 345


Tutto Carne, Php 495


Quattro Formaggi, Php 495


Spinach Ravioli, Php 295


Pomodoro, Php 245

The Rucola Salad was a really good, as I have also read on other blogs. I loved the combination of the caramelized walnuts, roasted beets and the goat cheese in the salad. Then the Quattro Formaggi Pizza was also one that we all liked. As for their pasta, I did not find the Pomodoro so attractive. In fact we thought that it looked kind of funny.  However the Spinach Ravioli was quite good if you are a lover of vegetables such as myself.

The place is not so hard to find in fact you could just park your car up in Rockwell and just walk here. I would recommend trying the place out as it is not so bad. However coming back for a second time? I think that there are plenty of new restaurants around Manila which are similar to this restaurant, but its worth a try. Their Cake was good, I think that was my favorite. (I’m a sucker for dessert)

Budget per person: Php 500-600 pesos

Recommended: Rucola Salad, Quattro Formaggi Bianco Pizza

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