Refinery, Rockwell

Located at Joya Lofts and Towers, Rockwell, Makati this place is open from 7am to 11pm. With a very relaxed and inviting ambiance this is one place you would love to bring your friends to for an early breakfast or a late night cap with a good friend.


Bliss Tiramisu Coffee Beverage Php 250


Creme Brulee Espresso Php 175


Honey Latte, Php 140

I would really love to come back here for breakfast after looking at their menu and the ambiance of the place is just so inviting. The location is also good since it is at the corner of the building and although there is not much of a view, the place looks very welcoming. The Honey Latte, was really good and you could really taste the organic honey that they mentioned that they used on the menu. Definitely one to check out!

7 thoughts on “Refinery, Rockwell

    • lenathebackpackingballerina says:

      You should 🙂 a friend of mine told me that their breakfast menu is pretty good.

      • lenathebackpackingballerina says:

        Yes i believe they do have this dutch baby pancake with green apples. 🙂 I believe that theres another building between the one rockwell tower and this building. Its the building nearest to rockwell mall 🙂

  1. lenathebackpackingballerina says:

    Hi Chard sorry for the late reply! Not so actually haha but the Honey latte i tried was good. I think compared to a lot of other coffee their coffee was good. However I have tried better coffee such as the one in Legaspi village if you’re familiar with the Curator? Now that was really good coffee!

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