Yabu: House of Katsu

Initially my mom and I were supposed to go to Ogetsuhime at SM Aura but instead we ended up going to Yabu. We had never eaten at Yabu, despite all the craze about the place. So we were both interested to see how their tongkatsu tasted like. I really love going to Japanese restaurants together with my mom because I know that she knows what she is talking about all the time, being Japanese and all.


Dressings and Other Tsukemono


Menchi Katsu Curry Set (Php 395)


Oroshi Katsu Set (Php 395)


Oroshi Katsu

  Tongkatsu as the waiter told us is their specialty, and I agree that It definitely is. My mom and I loved the fast style of their service and their manager was constantly watching all of them. Very Japanese styled and healthy served food. You even have an option for brown or white rice, in fact my mom only asked for half rice. You get unlimited Rice, Organi Cabbage, Miso Soup and Fruits for the set. That is very cheap considering the price. My mom loved the Organic Cabbage, it was really crunchy and good. They also serve hot barley tea which is not on the menu. It tasted like mugicha but the hot kind. I would recommend you all to try their Oroshi Katsu set if you are a lover of tongkatsu and healthy combinations. It was definitely worth our money to come here, and the manager was also very friendly to us.

There are a lot of different Katsu sets that you can choose from so I suggest that you try all of them as they all look very good. And they cook it very well here. Try their Wasabi dressing for your cabbage! It was my favorite dressing.

Budget per person: about 400-500 pesos each

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