The Breakfast Table: Maginhawa

What would you like to have today?

I came by this restaurant a few weeks ago while looking for Gayuma ni Maria. It sounded really interesting so I looked it up and I decided to come here together with my friend. I don’t usually post Menus but i loved their menu so here it is.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCI ordered their TBT eggs benedict, and taho shake. Their eggs benedict had Tinapa flakes and their own version of pinoy hollandaise sauce. It was good but what I really loved was their Taho Shake and Sardine rice on their make your own breakfast menu which you could have instead of their set meals if you want to try something different.


Make your own breakfast menu


TBT Eggs benedict Php 195


Taho shake Php 99


Sardine Rice and Vigan Longganisa


Chocolate Pudding

They have an interesting make your own breakfast menu with choices of plain rice, sardine rice, coffee rice and garlic rice. You even have a choice between having your eggs scrambled, fried, boiled, salted or poached. For the mains there are a lot that you can choose from. All kids of Longganisa, Tapa bangus and etc. I recommend you come here with your friends early in the afternoon when there aren’t much people. Also try their Mango Yogurt shake, I heard that its good.

Recommendations: Taho shake

Price range per person: 300-400Php per person

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