Liberty New York Steakhouse, UP Town center

I was expecting really good food here at Liberty Steakhouse since I have read tons of good blog reviews on this place, but I was left disappointed from what I was originally expecting. Although my friend and I did not try their steaks we did try their Philly cheese steak pasta. I was really disappointed with the pasta, not only was it bland but the steak was so hard and rubbery. They did not even ask us how we wanted the steak in our Philly cheese steak pasta. I was also expecting that the spam fries was something special since 260 pesos for something I could clearly make at home was not worth it at all. Also the Dorito Nachos I could easily copy and do myself. For a price of 320 pesos and only that small amount of Doritos was really expensive. I mean how much does a bag of Doritos really cost right?


Dorito Nachos Php 320


Spam Fries Php 260 pesos with Mustard dip, Ketchup and Kimchi dip


Philly cheese steak pasta Php 375

I’m sorry to say that I don’t think that I will be returning to this place unless maybe to try their steaks and or burgers to see what the other bloggers are actually raving about. Personally I found it expensive that we spent 1000 Php just for all of this that I think could have actually cost cheaper. I was expecting the spam fries and Dorito nachos to be served on a bigger plate but instead for that expensive price we only got a small platter of each of the dishes.

2 thoughts on “Liberty New York Steakhouse, UP Town center

  1. sabpalmares says:

    the spam fries does look really disappointing for its price. the steak pasta doesn’t look nice at all, with the cheese all over without other garnish to at least make a decent presentation.

    • lenathebackpackingballerina says:

      Yes it was really disappointing. I do not understand at all why there are people who blog good things about their food. I was so excited and instead I was left disappointed.

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