Bebe Rouge Patisserie, Makati

My mom and I passed by this Patisserie since we usually go to the Japanese grocery Hatchin which is beside it. This is a Japanese-French patisserie and my mom loved this place very much. The flavors of their cakes and macaroons were not so sweet. Very much like “Japanese and French taste” More of Japanese taste. My mom really loved it since its hard to find great tasting Macaroons that are not sweet, unlike the ones here around Manila that are usually too sweet to fit into the “Filipino taste”

10462465_10204179654282493_5119446481682172992_n 10509683_10204179654842507_5018120842180974321_n The aesthetics of the place was very nice and had a very french feel. There are a lot of Japanese who pass by the patisserie because of their bread. I noticed them buying croissants by the window and having them to go. They also sell different kinds of Jam here such as Kiwi Jam, Strawberry and etc. I would suggest that you try their Strawberry Shortcake and Raspberry Macaroons. It’s a bit difficult to find this place if you are not familiar with Makati. Just go straight along Jupiter street and then turn left after you see Meralco and the street with the BDO on the left side. Enjoy!


Raspberry Macaroons (Php 55) MUST TRY!

BEBE ROUGE Patisserie 

7602 Sacred Heart St, Corner Metropolitan Ave, San Antonio Village

Budget: 150-200 pesos per person, if you want to add tea bring 400 just in case.

Recommendations: Strawberry Shortcake, Raspberry Macaroon

5 thoughts on “Bebe Rouge Patisserie, Makati

      • wattwurmnashi says:

        Thanks for the recommendation, but unfortunately I don’t live close by [Japan] & actually I hate strawberry shortcake. One day, maybe!

      • lenathebackpackingballerina says:

        Oh you live in Japan 🙂 maybe someday but I think cakes in Japan taste a lot better! Haha and tons of more sweets to try there and delicious okashi 🙂

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