Gayuma Ni Maria, Maginhawa street

Gayuma ni Maria is a restaurant located at the VERY end of Maginhawa Street on the right side. Turn left from Mini stop and just go straight until you see it on the far end of the street on the right side. You’ll pass a lot of many different restaurants before getting here. Very cute aesthetics and very couple friendly.

I went here last week together with my boyfriend and my friend and her boyfriend too. We laughed at the names of the food in the menu. Maya Maya na dear, Rock me rock baby, Through the fire, Once you go Black, Undress me and Etc etc.


Lumpiang Excited (Php 110)


Maya Maya na dear (Php 230)


No Boyfriend since birth (Php 225)


Rock me rock baby (Php 265)

These are the dishes that we tried together. It was really so good! Most especially the Maya Maya na dear which is what I tried and the No Boyfriend since birth which my boyfriend tried. Very buttery and cheesy dishes. It would be nice to come back here because I would also love to try their other dishes with their interesting titles. Gayuma ni Maria is definitely one that should be on your must try “food trip” list.

Maginhawa street

Recommendations: Personally I love what I ate which was the Maya Maya na dear. There are tons to choose from so don’t hesitate to try something new!

Price budget per person: 250-300Php per person if you don’t plan to get any drinks.

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