Blu Frog, Greenhills Promenade


I went to try Blu Frog last week together with my friend before her birthday. What attracted us as we were walking by the restaurants was the sign on their menu that said “PASTA ALL YOU WANT” Believe it or not but for only a price of Php 299 they will offer you all the pasta you want to eat, and on top of that you get to choose what to put on your pasta and what kind of pasta you will be making! All you will do is wait for them to cook your pasta and then you can create your next pasta before even getting your first order and you can order again and again and again after. AS MUCH AS YOU WANT.

10410258_10204146922824227_8190354899682866556_n 10262017_10204146923024232_7373208327974182840_n 10494803_10204146924624272_620569496516749699_n  10428498_10204146922384216_2875798065112408160_n 10376188_10204146922304214_5163586798613966517_nAs you can see you can choose the kind of pasta you will be using. Then you can pick from either white sauce, red sauce, pesto and olive oil. You can also choose to mix all the sauces. Then you can pick from different vegetables such as olives, greens, pepper and etc. The choices that you have for the main ingredient are fish, chicken, shrimp and other common things.

My friend and I consumed a total of 6 plates of pasta. So thats 3 dishes a person. It was worth it, well for the the price of only Php 299 pesos who wouldn’t be satisfied to have had 3 plates of pasta right? Flavors aren’t anything special but if you’re looking for somewhere cheap to try and you’re really hungry. This is where you must go.

+63 9178114710

Second Floor, Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan City


If you’re only getting pasta then you’d only spend Php 299 but I’ve heard that its more of a drinking place here so maybe if you plan to drink alcohol then you’ll have to bring about 600 a person just in case.

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