Half day trips from Manila, Daranak falls Tanay Rizal

candid moment

It was the birthday of one of my closest friends and we wanted to celebrate it outside of Manila. Somewhere new and fresh, not like Tagaytay or Subic where everyone seems to go to when they celebrate something. We left Katipunan at10383005_10204102597276116_5321219528265016163_n around 1pm and arrived there at exactly 2:15pm. We weren’t aware of where to pass so at     first we took the long way around up the mountains. Not bad since we got to see tons of beautiful scenery up the winding roads! We went straight to Marcos highway and then just followed the road. It was easy since the road was just straight and when you get to barangay Sampaloc you will see tons of signs leading you to the falls.10402972_10204102597596124_5470486164472533293_n10478226_10204102599076161_4565834178477385195_n

New Adventures!

A small paradise near Manila. I would definitely refer anyone to try to go here since Tagaytay and all those other places are overrated. Here you could dive into clear cool waters and enjoy the scenery and the beautiful waterfalls. Mostly locals and foreigners visit Daranak falls, and it would be nice if you could try it as well. Only an hour outside of the busy city and you would only spend for the gas and the 50 pesos entrance fee and 30 pesos parking fee! Just bring your own sandwiches or snacks. The locals here are very friendly and the lifeguards kept our things safe! Definitely something you should tick off your to-go-to list. Enough with the city! Immerse yourself into nature!

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