Wooden Spoon, Katipunan

Nothing beats a restaurant that can serve good Filipino food. I absolutely loved wooden spoon and the dishes that we tried here. Our personal favorite was the Dinakdak na lechon. We came here early for dinner around 6pm on a Saturday and i think we came at the right time while there weren’t much people. The place can get pretty crowded as it gets later.


Garlic Rice (Good for about 3-4 people)



Stir fried Kangkong (Php 120)



Pan Grilled Tuna Belly (Php 245)



Dinakdak na lechon (Php 215) AMAZING. We ordered two of these



Crab Pancit (Php 165) Good for Sharing

Because the dinakdak na lechon was so good we ordered another one and just ate it even without the rice. For the three of us, we only spent a total of 1200 pesos which is really cheap considering the amount of food that we had ordered and consumed. The food tasted amazing and I would definitely come back here to try more of their dishes. There was just too many to choose from to try in one visit alone.

WOODEN SPOON, Katipunan branch

SONY DSC329 A Katipunan Rd, Loyola Heights QC (Across Miriam)

Telephone number: 4260044

Open Daily 10:30am-9:30pm

RECOMMENDATIONS: Dinakdak na lechon and Crab Pancit

BUDGET: 300-400 a person, We spent a total of Php 1200 for all of these dishes.

NOTE: Definitely worth your money!

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