Cookbook Kitchen, Eastwood Mall

I have eaten here a few times already with my friend and today I brought my brother here to try their food. My only concern with this restaurant is the fact that you come out smelling like the kitchen and their service is a bit slow. All three times that I went here I came out of the place smelling like the kitchen.

The food though I will not complain is very good here. My favorite here is definitely the Ilocos Pasta and the Parmesan Crusted White fish! It is something that is always baked to perfection and tastes amazing. Not too much oil is tasted when you eat here, and that is one thing I love about restaurants. This is a place that you would like to try with your family and friends.


Bacon Mushroom Pasta Php 260


Ilocos Pasta Php 260 (AMAZING)


Parmesan Crusted White Fish petite Php300 (add 20 pesos for the regular size)



Eastwood Mall, right next to Ramen bar across Project Pie

RECOMMENDATIONS:  Ilocos Pasta ( I LOVE THIS),  Pasta Al Adobo and you MUST order the Parmesan Crusted White fish

BUDGET: 700-1000Php (we spent 700 pesos for the three dishes we bought)

NOTE: Get ready to smell like the kitchen, the food though is VERY good here.

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