Apartment 1B, One Rockwell Makati

Definitely a place that I would like to come back to. Despite the fact that their dishes here are pricey, the price is worth the taste of their food. I hear that their breakfast menu is one that you should try. They only serve breakfast from 7am-3pm so come during that time if you’d like to try their breakfast menu.


Three Cheese Vegetable Lasagna (ricota, parmesan, mozarella) Php 490


Poached Salmon (Norwegian Salmon, tomato-hollandaise sauce, asparagus, parsley potatoes) Php 980


Baked Samosas (mushrooms, spinach and cream cheese) Php 350

The baked Samosas were my favorite among the three dishes that we ordered. Their pasta was really heavy, good enough for three people at least since we ordered the Salmon which was also a heavy dish. I would suggest that you come here with your family and or friends. The dishes here are very healthy and good and their breakfast menu is one that I would like to try soon. Don’t forget though to allot a big budget if you are planning to come here with your friends.


One Rockwell Makati

RECOMMENDATIONS: Baked Samosas, Eggs Benedict, Poached Salmon

BUDGET: We 1000 per person for the three dishes (1000per person budget at least if you come here)

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