Chicken and Beer, Eastwood Walk

SONY DSCMosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. This is all I can say. I’ve eaten here before but in the BGC branch. However this was one of the worst mosquito infested places I have ever known. Not only did they have mosquitoes under the tables but they had mosquitoes on their windows and all over their walls as well. We were also wondering why they kept the door open and the air con wasn’t even strong. I don’t recommend going here at all. Not unless you want to catch dengue or something.


The food also took a while to make. We expected it to be as good as the first time that we had eaten here however we were left disappointed. The sauce for the chicken tasted like a sweet ketchup flavored sauce and the gravy for the burger wasn’t bad except for the taste of the flour I could kind of taste a lot from it. I would not recommend going here to this branch of Chicken and Beer. We were also very disappointed with their staffs slow service.

Price Range: 300-500 a person

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