Slappy Cakes, Eastwood Mall

SONY DSCSlappy Cakes! I love coming here when I crave for pancakes. Nothing special, Personally I think that its overpriced just for some pancakes. Their pancake batter costs Php 225 and on top of that you still have to pay for every extra toppings and fruits that you add. Its just the thought of making them together with a friend that makes this place enjoyable to come to. Today though we decided to try their breakfast food as well. Not so bad actually since they have big servings. We tried the Topsy Tapa (Php 250) and the Pops Pot roast (390).


Pops Pot Roast


Topsy Tapa

SONY DSCHere is one of the pancakes that we made. We got some Nutella, Peanut Butter and some mangoes as well. I’m pretty sure that making them at home would be cheaper, but its nice to come here once in a while to have some wacky shared moments with a good friend or two. With one bottle of pancake batter we were able to make only about 6 shapes. For what its worth its not all that bad but it isn’t cheap either because I’m pretty sure that with the amount we paid we could probably have made a lot more pancakes at home. Nonetheless, Its a good place to bring kids or your friends. They have free wifi and a very friendly staff too.

Visit their Facebook:

Eastwood Mall, right behind GAP

Price range per person:
If you’re just ordering pancakes and toppings probably Php 200-400
If you’re also ordering some food and pancakes Php 500-800 per personSONY DSC

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