Mad For Garlic, BGC


YES. That is a Garlic Wreathe!!

Mad for garlic anyone? A good friend of mine had been shamelessly bugging me for weeks about this place. GARLIC. Tons of garlic everywhere.  Garlic in almost all of their dishes including their desserts. I would make up some corny joke about vampires but… It would seem inappropriate. The place although a bit dark has a rustic and refined feel to it. Tons of wine bottles and a lot of GARLIC designs and lamps. Hence the name “Mad for Garlic”, very appropriate name for the restaurant. Despite its western sounding name, I heard that its actually a Korean restaurant with a bit of a Italian infusion. Huh. Interesting? So here’s what we got.


Grilled Chicken and Mushroom Risotto, Php 275


Dancing Salsa Rice with Steak, Php 395


Creamy Chicken Popcorn Pasta, Php 395


Chicken Cheongyang Cream Pizza, Php 475


Free Garlic Bread


Holy Cow, Salpicao, Php 545

The “HOLY COW” Salpicao and the Cheongyang Pizza were my two favorite dishes. The pizza reminds me of this garlic pizza that I once tasted with a friend in Japan. It definitely was well made, SONY DSCthin crust and not too oily, Just how I like it.  My friend also recommended the “Dracula Killer” (Pretty Ironic, with all the Garlic in this place) I was also given free wine, but I wouldn’t recommend it. If you were to get wine, I would suggest you just order the good wine. Its definitely a good place to eat If you’re looking for something new to try at BGC. Flavors were definitely good, all dishes very well seasoned and not to oily. If I hop is full, then this is a far better place to eat in!


Yes that is a giant Garlic filled lamp covered in actual Garlic :))


W Global Center, 30th St cor 9th Ave Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 808-9517
(It’s right next to IHOP)

RECOMMENDATIONS: Cheongyang Pizza, Holy Cow Salpicao, Dracula Killer and the Creamy Chicken Popcorn Pasta

BUDGET: 700-1000Php for sharing if you want to try a few dishes

NOTE: I would definitely come back here with friends, I STRONGLY discourage you to bring any of your dates here. The aesthetics are definitely a mood kill. Plus the breath that you’re going to get after is not going to be good for you and your dates “date”.

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