8 cuts burger blends, UP town center Katipunan


Speculoos Cookie Butter Shake

I’ve tried this burger store once a month ago at SM megamall. I just can’t get enough of their onion rings and their shakes. Although this time I wanted to try their burgers. This time I brought Carlo Along with me! In this picture is the Speculoos Cookie butter shake and although I wasn’t able to try the shake, I noticed that almost everyone orders this. I am however not a fan of Cookie butter I’d like to try this the next time that I visit again maybe.


Lamb burger Php 385


Cheeseburger Php 195


Onion Rings! Php 65


Sweet Potato Fries, Php 65

Nutelloos Shake, Php 220 for the 12oz

It wasn’t exactly what I’d call super special. I’ve eaten better burgers. Not bad but not good either, but good enough to satisfy your burger cravings. My friend mentioned though that their “lamb” didn’t exactly taste like lamb at all. My cheeseburger although good just tasted like a regular cheeseburger. Maybe if we tried something other than what we ordered we would have liked their burgers. They were made well but I think we had higher expectations of the place.  The onion rings though are something that I’d go back for again and the Butterfingers and Nutella shakes.


Go after 5pm if you want some booze. It gets pretty crowded during the weekends.

Price range: Php 500-800 per person if you’re planning to get a burger, starters and a drink.

Recommendations: Onion Rings (definitely a must try!) Any of their shakes. (Butterfingers is still my favorite)

Located at: UP town center, Second floor right side

Visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/8cutsburgerblends

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