Grace Park, One Rockwell Makati

SONY DSCA friend of mine wanted to try out this place last week, and so I did some research before coming here. I found out from my research that it was a restaurant put up by Margarita Fores.  The same person who manages Cibo. (another one of my favorite restaurants) The restaurant has been said to have been inspired by the home of her grandparents.

We went straight here after dance class. Hopefully we had burned enough calories for the amount of food that we were about to eat tonight. The place had a very rustic and homey interior which I loved very much, and upon the recommendation of the waiter we chose to try their two best selling dishes. We also decided to try two of their dishes from the “menu of the day”. Most of our orders were based on whatever everyone else was ordering around us.


Fried Squash Flowers Mascarfone Wrapped Prosciutto


Muscovado Beef Belly


Fettuccine Truffle Cream Organic Egg

We did not know what squash flowers were but they definitely tasted good. The Muscovado beef belly had that perfect sweetness and softness that matched to it. The Fettuccine Truffle Cream Organic Egg was my favorite among the two main dishes. I could smell how great it tasted even before we ate it. Everything we ate tonight here had a certain “Grace” to its flavor and presentation. I would not have spent the night eating anything else. These dishes were all very simple and rich in flavor but at the same time elegant. Just as the ambiance of the restaurant that complimented well to the taste of its food. I would definitely love to try more of their dishes the next time I come here. The last thing we tried here was the Eton Mess. I normally do not like to eat meringue and I really do not like whipped cream either, but I read about this in one of the blogs that it was one of the best desserts to try. IT MOST DEFINITELY WAS.

SONY DSCBUDGET PER PERSON: We spent  about 1800 pesos in total of what we shared. I would recommend at least (500-1000 pesos) budget per person when coming here.

G/F One Rockwell West Tower,
Rockwell Drive
Makati, Metro Manila
0939-934-223 (02) 843-7275
Grace Park Facebook

Do not forget to check out their special Menu of the day!

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