Day Trips from Manila: Pagsanhan Falls


Just two hours away from the city, lies a peaceful sanctuary. A very quiet and very simple hideaway.

I left Katipunan for Pagsanhan, Laguna at around 10:30am on a Sunday and arrived there at 12:30 where we ate at Aling Taleng’s famous Halo halo. (Turn right upon seeing the church and go across the bridge. The first restaurant to the right is Aling Talengs) This is also where we availed of our Pagsanhan package.

For a price of Php 1250 IMG_0509We were able to get the river boat ride to the falls and back. The boat ride although scary and unstable was a lot of fun. I would recommend this to adventurous friends. The water is also pretty deep and It reminded me very much of the time that we bamboo rafted in Northern Thailand. So much nature could be seen as you go up against the rivers current. Going up would take: 1 hour approximately including the 5 min break we had at a pit stop. Then going down the river took us about 35mins. When we finally got to the falls, I actually expected it to look bigger. Although it really did not disappoint me at all. As soon as we got on the raft it was pure bliss. Packed in between Korean tourists we went through the waterfalls and into Devils Cave.  IT WAS SO COLD. We stayed in there for a good 2 mins but with the water splashing upon us we could not see anything or even open our eyes. It was such a rejuvinating yet very simple experience. After the raft ride we stayed for a while before going back down the river.

TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT: 3150 for two people (This included the toll fee going there SLEX, The boat ride and raft ride to the falls and the Picture)

On the way home we passed by the back way going to Antipolo to avoid traffic. No toll fee is needed here and you get a great sunset view of Laguna de Bay on Mt. Bugarin. All in all I would recommend this to Friends who enjoy simple short adventures such as this. We even saw a pawikan while on the river. You would need at least half a day for this trip. We left Pagsanhan at 4:30 and arrived exactly at 6:35 in Katipunan. It was indeed a day well spent outside of the city.

Panoramic View of Laguna de Bay on Mt. Bugarin

5 responses to “Day Trips from Manila: Pagsanhan Falls”

  1. Hi I’m planning on doing this trip on Thursday next week. Where exactly is Aling Taleng’s famous Halo halo.? They’re halo halo shop and they have tours to go to the falls too? I’m planning on renting a driver to bring us there and back. thanks for writing about this, i really want to check it out.

    1. lenathebackpackingballerina Avatar

      Hi Aling Talengs Halo Halo is located along the main Cavite-Laguna highway. Instead of turning left to caliraya you turn right when you see the church. You may search google for “aling talengs” and it comes out on google maps. Yes Aling talengs is a halo halo shop and they offer tours to go to the falls.

      Yes it is a good idea to rent a driver its about a 2 hour drive since you would be going on a weekday.

  2. Thank you for your reply, do we have Reserve a spot? or we can just go ? is there a specific time we should be there?
    maraming salamat po !

    1. lenathebackpackingballerina Avatar

      You can just go there but I would suggest that you get there by like after lunch around 1 🙂 I heard that its peak season when the weather is a bit rainy since it is easier to go up the rapids and bring extra clothes for the waterfalls! Enjoy!

  3. Thank you!!

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