Side trips from Tokyo: Odaiba, Japan (お台場 )

お台場 (Odaiba) island a large artificial island on Tokyo bay, is a really interesting island to go to if you are in Tokyo and are looking for shopping places to go to. My brother and I had been wanting to go here ever since we went to Japan last year. So what we did 1545007_10202781558930983_706515382_nwas we took the train to 浅草 (Asakusa). Another one of Tokyo’s biggest tourist spots. We then walked to the 隅田川 (Sumida river) where we took the Sumida river tour going to Odaiba island. The cruise is another one of Japans nice attractions. No worries the intercom explains everything in English and other languages as well.

The island is a big island full of different kinds of attractions. We first went to see the statue of liberty, Yes there is a statue of liberty in Japan too. Afterwards we walked to the TV station and went around to the giant Gund1514201_10202781559891007_1739742770_nam figure. If you are a gundam fan such as my brother, you would enjoy the Gundam Cafe and the Gundam station where they sell a variety of things all related to Gundam. Then my brother and I spent the whole afternoon in Palette town. No relation to Pokemon unfortunately, but it was fun here to try their games and there are also different rides that you could try out here. Many attractions and tons of shopping could be done on Odaiba island. On the way back though we took the Yurikamome sen (The Yurikamome line, Train) which is a little more expensive than the usual train rides around Tokyo but was very much worth it.1549457_10202781561731053_905068861_n

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