Coron Palawan, Philippines

         My third time back to Coron and my 6th time back in Palawan. I just cant get enough. This time around though it was the most budgeted trip that I had planned out for me and my dancer friends. And this was the first time that I actually toured the island because I knew a local from there. I spent about 13k including all the food, lodging, tours and shopping that I did.

Malcapuya IslandIt’s actually pretty expensive in Coron since Its a pretty big tourist spot but it is very safe to go out anytime even in the middle of the night. Coron is truly a great province to visit if you’re looking for fresh air and a short getaway from the buzz of busy Manila. We stayed here for 4 days and 3 nights and we really made the most of all 4 days on this island.

The view from Mt. Tapyas
Going to the shed at Mt. Tapyas. Don’t forget to go here on your first day! You’ll get a lot of exercise and an amazing view!

Day 1. Mt. tayapas

The moment we got here our friend came to our hotel and told us that we would climb the mountain. All of us being dancers thought that we could handle it but i guess climbing isn’t really our thing since it took us about an hour to get up this mountain. Climbing 700-800 steps to get a full 360 view of the whole island. It was definitely worth the climb. Then going back down the mountain our friend suggested that we go to their local hot springs. It is called the Maquinit hot springs.

We took a tricycle by quota we paid about 400 pesos back and forth already and you could ask them to wait for you there at the hot springs. The entrance fee differs if you are a tourist or a local but the hot springs was really a nice place to go. Although I would have liked to see it during the day as well since It is right next to the sea! Sadly we went during the night so we had no view. By the time we got home we were all drop dead tired.

Day 2. Tour package A

Kayangan Lake is really beautiful
Kayangan Lake, the waters here are so clear and the hike is one that will take you to a beautiful breathtaking view
Looking at some corals

We booked a tour the day before after the climb up the mountain. We spent 650 pesos each for a tour to 6 locations. This tour included food and the boat ride as well already. We were first brought to the Coral Garden, Kayangan Lake, CYC Beach, Siete Pecados, Twin Peaks and then lastly to the Hidden Lagoon. The last time I went to Coron I remember only going to the Calauit island tour and the snorkeling tour in the sunken ships. So I was really impressed to see how much more there is to see in Coron as compared to the rest of the places that I’ve been to in Palawan. This is a tour that you would want to

take if you enjoy  snorkeling and viewing corals and a different variety of fishes. We spent a lot of time in the Kayangan Lake

because it seemed to be endless. We even swam towards the really deep ends where there were lesser people. It is so peaceful here and quiet. The Hidden Lagoon was also one of our favorites because the temperature of the water here is so interesting. Normally hot water would rise right and the cold water would be at the bottom? But in this case the cold water was on top and the water below us was so warm. It was a very interesting lagoon. Something that should not be missed.

Day 3. Tour package

Hidden Lagoon
Somewhere in the middle of the sea, Hidden Lagoon is an interesting lagoon as its water is hot at the bottom and cold on top. Usually its the other way around right? Since hot water rises.

We were exhausted from the day before and we wanted a more relaxed kind of tour so we booked the Malcapuya Island, Banana Island and Bulog Dos Island tour. This time around we booked a tour that was more relaxed with less things to do. Just more of eating and lounging about at the beach. We spent the whole day taking all kinds of pictures and finding nemo in the process since all these islands are famous for their clown fish. Which is why the tour cost us more, it was about 1500 pesos per person but this also already included breakfast and lunch. Very much worth it as we watched the sunset go down again in the boat. Another day spent well. We got hungry though at night and we decided to eat at a local restaurant there. If you ever do go to Coron please try this place called Sinugba sa Balay. Their food is amazing a the chef is a friend of my Local friend there. If you would go here please do try their Fresh Lumpia and their Banana Ginger Smoothie. Big servings, great food, very worth it.

Our one Jump shot that was still fail
Playing around Bulog Dos Island
Ron and Marie
Malcapuya Beach is really something. Long beach of white sand and nothing but the waves and the sea.

Day 4. Swimming in a river

We swam in a river today and we were able to get here by tricycle again. What I noticed about Coron is that its really expensive to get around especially since they know that most people who go to these attractions are tourists. So if you are to go somewhere such as the river we swam with which was sadly short lived because we only had the morning to go around. Make sure to go with a lot of people so that if you quota the tricycle you wouldn’t spend so much.

We also went to the local market today to buy tons of pasalubongs (gifts and souveneirs) for our families because buying things in the morning market is cheaper. So we woke up early and we walked all the way to the market which was not far since everything in Coron is pretty much walking distance except the big resorts and the airport.

We'll be back soon Ron!
Until the next time!

In the end I fell in love with Palawan even more. I love it here because its so beautiful, so simple and I just feel so at home here. Besides going to Japan, I would definitely go to Palawan as an escape every year. You should definitely consider coming here too and be it with a friend or just by yourself. You would definitely love Coron if you are a very adventurous person such as myself.

11 responses to “Coron Palawan, Philippines”

  1. Hi Lena!
    I found your blog here and because i’m planning to travel trough south east asia, i wanted to ask you if u can give some advice how to travel to palawan in a cheap way, optimally from Thailand! if u have some experience 🙂

    Would be nice to hear from you!
    If possible via email.
    Greetings, Julia

    1. Hi Julia can you send me your email to 😌 ill be glad go help!

  2. […] week. But this is not the post for that side of town (you could view the town proper post here: Coron Palawan, Philippines) in this post i want to share to you my experience in the other side on a far away island in the […]

  3. Hi Lena,
    Saw your blog about your Coron tour.
    Will send you an email as well.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Carlo i have sent you an email. Thank you also.

  4. Hi Lena,
    I discovered your blog as I love ballet and travelling at the same time, especially to South East Asia…if I am not diving, I attend ballet classes somewhere around the world. I love the discovery of your blog! Plus, I am planning to visit Coron and el Nido by the end of March and I am getting inspired. It’d be lovely to cross in one of our ballet trips around the world 🙂
    Happy ballet, enjoy life!

    1. Hello Sam! i am happy that we share the same interests as well! That is wonderful that you are stopping by Palawan, as you have probably read. I love it there! If you are ever in Manila, please let me know! and let me know what else you would love to hear on this Blog.

      Much love,

  5. When you say 13K do you mean in PHP?

    1. Yes! Sorry i should have specified.

  6. Wow Lina the Back Packing Ballerina you are amazing with cool adventures travel around Palawan.

    That’s one of destination I am yet to visit in The Philippines too many stumbling blocks getting in the way and having to cancel my travel plans back to The Philippines.

    All the best.

    1. Definitely a place that you should visit! Hope you get to go someday.

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